Blues and News Inaugural Show 11/7/2016

Recording is Courtesy of Phil Whipple.

For those of you who missed this week’s episode of “Blues and News” with Brother Jacob, below is the list of songs played during the show. You can catch us every Monday from 4pm – 6pm (CST) at It was a pleasure talking with those of you who called the studio or communicated via Facebook. We drew listeners in from all over the country, including but not limited to: Chicago, Maine, Wisconsin, Delaware, Missouri, Texas, Indiana, Colorado, Arkansas, and California.

For next week’s show, we will continue to play more Blues for you. Additionally, I will be hosting a small political roundtable discussion to analyze the results of the presidential election with Former Alderman and Professor Dick Simpson and Political Consultant / UIC Adjunct Faculty Dr. Bernard Sieracki.

Here is the Playlist from today’s show:

Jump for Joy – Koko Taylor

Love Reputation – Denise Lasalle

Cadillac Assembly Line – Albert King

Three Hundred Pounds of Joy – Howlin’ Wolf

Hold on to What You Got – Katie Webster

I Got the Blues – John “Mad Dog” Watkins

Ride in my Automobile – Mary Lane

When They Really Love You – Deitra Farr

I’m Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop – Tom Holland

Boom, Boom, Boom – John Lee Hooker

Just Enuff Rope – Theo Huff

Bad Contract – Toronzo Cannon

What About My Love – Johnnie Taylor

Open House at My House – Z.Z. Hill

We’ll Meet Again – John Lee Hooker

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