Blues and News March 5, 2017

Photo Credit: Chris Monaghan

This may go down as one of my most funniest and entertaining shows. Today, I interviewed my good friend and Alligator Recording Artist, Toronzo Cannon. We talked about his upbringing, experience on the Blues Scene, musical influences and more. I had a really great time catching up with Toronzo! For more information about Toronzo, go to his website:

Here is the playlist from today’s show:

Problems – Stan Mosley

Good Navigator – Billy Flynn (w/Deitra Farr)

Oh Pretty Woman – Albert King

Earnestine – Toronzo Cannon

John The Conqueror Root – Toronzo Cannon

Little Jimmy King – Another Man’s Cologne

Castles Made of Sand – Jimi Hendrix

Just Enuff Rope – Theo Huff

Fine Seasoned Woman – Toronzo Cannon

Bad Contract – Toronzo Cannon

Do I Move You? – Toronzo Cannon

We’ll Meet Again – John Lee Hooker

Bonus Tracks:

When Will You Tell Him About Me? – Toronzo Cannon

Mrs. from Mississippi – Toronzo Cannon


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