Blues and News: May 7, 2017

Photo Credit: Ronnie Booze

For today’s show, I had the pleasure of interviewing Blues Artist: Redd Velvet. She called into the studio from the patio of her home in Mississippi. We talked about some of her musical influences, thoughts about the Blues industry, her CD Womanhood 101, and more. If you would like more information about Redd Velvet, you can visit her website at Don’t forget, Delmark Recording Artist, Mike Wheeler will be a guest on my show next week! Below is the playlist from today’s show:

Corrina- Taj Mahal

Fire Down Below – The Kinsey Report

Rock Me – Stan Mosley

Caldonia – Louis Jordan

Trust In Me – Etta James

Going to the Westside – Jackie Scott

Walkie Talkie Man – Redd Velvet

A Nickel and a Nail – O.V. Wright

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl – Mississippi Fred McDowell

Searching – Redd Velvet

Who You Callin’ Baby – Redd Velvet

We’ll Meet Again – John Lee Hooker

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