Blues and News: Denise LaSalle Tribute

This show aired live on Sunday, January 14th from 6 to 8 pm CST. This was a tribute to Denise LaSalle who passed away on Monday, January 8th. I replayed clips of the interview I did with her back in December of 2016. We also heard from a few of our loyal listeners who expressed their thoughts and condolences to the Denise LaSalle family. Below is the playlist from the show:

Trapped By A Thing Called Love – Denise LaSalle
Find a Fool – Koko Taylor
The Thrill Is Gone – B.B. King
Love Reputation – Denise LaSalle
5-10-15 Hours – Ruth Brown
Now Run and Tell That – Denise LaSalle
Good Man Gone Bad – Denise LaSalle
You Just Can’t Take My Blues – Little Milton
I’m Through With It – Deitra Farr
Blues Party Tonight – Denise LaSalle
God’s Got My Back – Denise LaSalle
When The Gates Swing Open – Otis Clay
I’m Still The Queen – Denise LaSalle
We’ll Meet Again – John Lee Hooker


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